Homedics White Noise Nature Sound Machines

Homedics makes a line of popular white noise machines. The Homedic models
have been well received by most users though there have been some quality
issues. Homedics has recently updated their lineup of models and we hope that the
new models will show a little better in the quality department. We hope to get some
reliable user experiences with the new models soon.

Starting from the lower end of the line; the SS-2000 replaces the most popular
SS-200. The
Homedics SS-2000 Nature Sound Machine has the same features with
a new stylish design. If all you want is a sound machine, then this is probably your
best choice.

Next is the
SS-4000 Clock Radio Sound Machine which replaces the former
SS-400. The SS-4000 allows you to  wake to the sounds of nature, radio or alarm
and also projects time on the ceiling for easy night time viewing.

SS-5000 Premier Nature Sounds is a new model that provides a unique
combination of features: Six nature sounds, clock radio, atomic clock,
indoor/outdoor thermometer with remote sensor and ceiling projection of time and

Homedics SS-6000 Platinum Natural Sounds is their top of the line sound
machine with CD, nature sounds, radio, atomic clock and ceiling projection.
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